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Astronomical Association - Sofia publish newspaper and magazine for astronomy, covering news in the space science, the development of amateur astronomy and activities of the association.

Andromeda magazine - ISSN: 1310-3571
Telescope newspaper - ISSN: 1311-3879

Editorial team                

Chief editor: Boriana Boncheva, e-mail: boriana @ telescope . bg
Editor: Vencislav Krastev, e-mail: vencislav_kr @ yahoo . com

Subscription and distribution                

Printing: "NEWS-Print" Ltd., landline: +359 2 819 11 29
Distribution: "RVR" Ltd., landline: +359 2 975 20 55, mobile: +359 898 77 40 70
Subscription: Boriana Boncheva, e-mail: bbontcheva @ gmail . com

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Talon for a combined subscription: Talon 2

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