National observatories and planetariums                

Stara ZagoraNAO 'Yuriy Gagarin'
VarnaNAOP 'Nicholas Copernicus'
YambolNAOP Yambol
DimitrovgradNAOP 'Giordano Bruno'
ChepelareNAO 'Rozhen' at BAS
SilistraNAO 'Galileo Galilei'
SmolyanNAOP Smolyan
slivenНАО Сливен
KardzhaliNAO 'Slavey Zlatev'
GabrovoNAOP Gabrovo
BelogradchikNAO 'Belogradchik' at BAS
AvrenBase Astronomical Observatory at NAOP Varna
VarnaPlanetarium of the Higher Naval School "N. J. Vaptsarov"

Other astronomical observatories                

SofiaDepartment of Astronomy at the Faculty of Physics of Sofia University
SofiaChildren science center 'Muzeiko'
SofiaObservatory of the Astronomical Association - Sofia
HaskovoAstronomical Observatory at the Haskovo Youth Center
ShumenAstronomical Observatory - Shumen
ShumenAstronomical Center at the Shumen University
RozhenRemote Amateur Observatory 'IRIDA'
PlanaSofia University Student Astronomical Observatory
RozhenObservatory of association 'Stellar Society'

Astronomical organizations                

SofiaUnion of Astronomers in Bulgaria
SofiaInstitute of Astronomy at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
ShumenDepartment of Physics and Astronomy at Shumen University
SofiaDepartment of Astronomy at Sofia University
SofiaAstronomical Association Sofia
SofiaNational Astronomy Olympiad
SofiaSpace Research and Technology Institute

Astronomical clubs                

SofiaAmateur astronomers club "Stellar Society"
HaskovoAstro club 'Helios'
Stara ZagoraClub of amateur astronomers 'Gemma'
PeshteraAstro club 'Cor Caroli'
KardzhaliAstro club 'Vega'
Dolni ChiflikAstro club 'Perseus'
BajkalAstro club at Municipal Center for extracurricular activities in Dolna Mitropolia
TroyanAstronomy class at 'Vasil Levski' school
DimitrovgradAstro club 'Antares'

Astronomical equipment                


General astronomical topics                

Introduction to astronomy and space
News and info for Earth-Sun
American GPS system web
Local information for astro
Astro WIKIАстроуики
Information about coming astronomical
Astronomy for

Astronomical software                

Modern program for designing and analysing optical
PlaniSphere - online starmap in many
Astro software
Program for occultations processing, Hristo
Program for controlling CCD and digital
Several applications for ephemeris calculation and other celestial
Windows application for full observatory

Atmospheric conditions                

Detailed weather report with forecasts for the world
Detailed weather report with forecasts for the world
Where the night is darkest
Where the night is darkest
Where the night is darkest
Where the night is darkest