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Astronomical Association - Sofia publish newspaper and magazine for astronomy, covering news in the space science, the development of amateur astronomy and activities of the association.

Andromeda magazine - ISSN: 1310-3571
Telescope newspaper - ISSN: 1311-3879

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Chief editor: Boriana Boncheva, e-mail: boriana @ telescope . bg
Editor: Vencislav Krastev, e-mail: vencislav_kr @ yahoo . com

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Printing: "NEWS-Print" Ltd., landline: +359 2 819 11 29
Distribution: "RVR" Ltd., landline: +359 2 975 20 55, mobile: +359 898 77 40 70
Subscription: Boriana Boncheva, e-mail: bbontcheva @ gmail . com

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Please fill in the respective talon with your desired subscription periods/issues or the products we offer and send it to the postal address (Sofia 1113, Iztok, Gagarin Str., Bl.98, Entrance B, ap.15, for Boryana Boyanova Boncheva) or the Association's e-mail address (aas @ aas . bg), together with a money order of the respective amount.
If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, write us an email and we'll issue you an invoice for the transfer amount.

You can subscribe throughout the year, up to the 15th of the previous month!

Everyone who subscribes to Andromeda Magazine and Telescope newspaper for 1 year will also have a gift: a fullcolor four-leaf lunar calendar for 2019!

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