The activity of the Astronomical Association Sofia is aimed at lovers of astronomy from all ages and all people interested in the sky, its beauty and those who like to look up and to ask questions.


* Organizing and conducting demonstration astronomical observations with telescopes
* Summer schools for observational astronomy
* Expeditions in connection with specific astronomical events
* Working groups for example telescope building, astro photography, etc.
* Lectures, talks, discussions, educational programs, performances on astronomy and its related sciences
* We provide an environment for the expression of Bulgarian astro amateurs
* Screenings of popular science and educational films
* Creation of educational science films and specialized software applications in astronomy
* We collect and keep astronomical and scientific literature


Both publications of AAS (Andromeda magazine and Telescope newspaper) reflect the latest developments in Space and Earth sciences and amateur astronomy, both nationally and at European and global level. They are also ideal place for the expression of Bulgarian amateur astronomers. We also publish calendars, maps, atlases, posters and tools for training in astronomy.