WEB site contents                

AAS WEB site is aimed at people with an interest in astronomy, regardless of their scientific or technical background in this field. The WEB site provides various materials for download in formats such as Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF and different image formats. It is necessary to use appropriate software program or browser add-ons to open them.

The main language of the WEB site and reading materials is Bulgarian, as parts of the site are translated in English. Changing the language of the site is made by clicking on the corresponding button depicting the flag of the country, located at the top right position on each page.

AAC is not responsible for the content and accuracy of materials posted to third party WEB sites even if the site is AAS referred link.

The contents of this WEB site is determined by the Astronomical Association - Sofia (AAS), and may include items such as but not limited to:

  • News from the field of astronomy and related sciences from around the world including Bulgaria
  • Messages for events organized or involving AAS
  • Information about upcoming astronomical events
  • Informing and advertising new products
  • Articles on astro problems
  • List of other WEB sites of astronomical topics
  • Other materials

Privacy Statement                

You can browse this site completely freely, without filling in registration forms or enter any personal information. The WEB site of AAS does not collect any personal data of its visitors using WEB cookies and FLASH animations. It is possible that standard LOG files generated by the WEB Server are used for general analysis of site visitors and browsers used by them to improve performance of the site on different devices. The WEB site may contain elements provided by third parties, expanding its functions, that may collect user data about visitors of AAS site.

Software requirements                

The WEB site is written in HTML version 4.01 and mainly uses language CSS version 2 for styling the content. In case your WEB browser supports CSS version 3 it will be used to enhance the site appeal. The minimum recommended width of the user's screen is 920 pixels. If you are using Internet Explorer browser it is recommended to use at least version 9. As of December 2015 the site of AAS is only available via the Internet protocol HTTP and not HTTPS.

WEB site problems                

If you notice that when you visit the AAS site (AAS.BG or WWW.AAS.BG) your browser displays a warning or block access to the site entirely or something suspicious, let us know in due course by sending e-mail to the person listed as site administrator in the 'CONTACTS' page.