In the beginning                

Astronomical Association Sofia (AAS) is a non-political organization established in February 1994. It's founders have worked in Sofia National Observatory until its closure in 1992 and their many students. The basic idea is to create a real place where people from different ages with an interest in astronomy and related sciences can receive further formal training in astronomy, access to the latest achievements of these sciences and of course the incomparable pleasure of club meetings with their supporters.

AAS very quickly proved the necessity of the existence of such an organization - in the first few years the number of members has reached 70 people. At the same time, unfortunately, it had already started spreading with incredible speed of various pseudoscientific beliefs such as astrology, fortune telling, psychic ... Completely free, members began to issue monthly periodical magazine 'Andromeda', whose editor in chief since the 1994 is Boriana Bontcheva and in November 1999 released the first edition of the popular scientific journal 'Telescope'. Their primary goal is to provide the curious reader in simple language the basic principles of science, modern conceptions of the world around us, but also free space for discussion and expression of Bulgarian astronomers and professionals. The new and credible information along with practical articles for conducting astronomical observations and telescope building printed in the two editions, made them popular mainly among young readers while creating into them a strong scientific world view.

Present days                

Association cooperates with similar organizations around the world by carrying out a wide information exchange. After the successful synchronous observation in Bulgaria during the summer of 1994, when the comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 crashed into Jupiter, the French Astronomical Society (Societe Astronomique de France, SAF) specially design for the Association a mirror with diameter of 200 mm, thanks to Mr. Gino Faroni, member of the Board of SAF. Today, 20 years later, the Association has its modern observatory, suitable for a variety of astronomical observations.