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Sofia is the only capital in the European Union without Planetarium! About 2 million inhabitants and visitors are deprived of the opportunity to experience the magic of the night sky that remains hidden to our eyes from the intensive urban lighting. For the man from XXI century, planetarium is the fastest and easiest connection with the Space.

Alas, today our 137 year capital can not praise with such a cultural, educational and entertainment center. The idea has existed for nearly 50 years, but has not been carried out. Since the middle of last century in Bulgaria are built 6 Planetariums: Smolyan, Varna, Dimitrovgrad, Yambol, Stara Zagora and Gabrovo which attract daily huge number of space travellers. Planetarium will fill a huge gap in the cultural life of our city and quickly will win a place among the most interesting centers for yang people, from 2 to 102 years. Modern planetariums are truly cosmic theatres. They are equipped with digital projectors and telescopes for live observations. In addition, exhibition spaces, rooms for screenings of popular films and free discussions contribute to the necessary connection between the people who want to experience the mysteries of the cosmos. If each of us could take a cosmic journey to the Moon, nearby planet, comet or galaxy and would appreciate how unique and fragile is our home - planet Earth, and realize how important it is to preserve it.

To build a planetarium in Sofia requires to bring together many different institutions and organizations. We Astronomical Association Sofia want to turn public attention to this issue and the petition to show that residents and visitors of Sofia are interested in improving the cultural and educational life of the capital.

Your signatures will be applied to all the letters and projects Astronomical Association Sofia sends in support of the cause a planetarium to be build in the city to the city mayor, prime minister and president of Republic of Bulgaria, the ministry of culture, education, youth and science, regional development, economy and energy and tourism. .

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Facebook group: For planetarium in Sofia